A Leica M6 Review | 3 Years and Counting.


This isn't going to be a techie Leica M6 review.

There are at least 20 real good ones on Youtube. Go watch those here.

This isn't going to be a long post with a big bunch of examples of photos that I've taken with this camera.

There are wonderful groups on Flickr (yeah, Flickr) that are dedicated to that. Go peep those here.
In fact, the photo above may be the only photo in this post. **weird**

This isn't some way for me to flex my photo muscles and show off how 'cool' I am for owning this little black box.

What this is going to be is a brief summary of what this camera makes me feel.

It makes me feel really good.
And it brings me back to the reason I started taking photographs to begin with.

From the start, photos for me have always been about connecting and nostalgia. Its a way for me to jump back to a moment that I want to remember – whether that be good or bad.

The second I feel like I need to take a photo, I do, because it feels right.
The second that camera gear gets in the way or takes me out of the moment that I'm trying to remember, its ruined and everything is thrown off – like a bad taste on my tongue.

Often times, my digital cameras take me out of moments on wedding days. On days with a thousand incredible moments, sometimes I lose touch of my surroundings because of the camera slung around my neck.

Maybe its the LCD screen on the back of my Canon 5d's.
Maybe its all of the features... the white balance, the iso dials, the 72 million autofocus points.

Maybe its that these Canon cameras are trying to be something more than the digital tool that they are.

Never once has my M6 tried to be something more than it is.

Its so simple.

One knob for exposure.
One aperture ring.
One shutter release button.

The simplicity of the Leica's features never distract or take away from the moment at hand.
It keeps me in the moment, so that I can capture a moment.

It sure doesn't hurt that it feels like the most well constructed thing on the planet.

The weight of it.
The way the shutter sounds.
The smooth clicks on the Summicron 35mm f/2.

It does exactly what you expect of it. Nothing more, nothing less – with incredible results and film negatives that I'll keep close for the rest of my life.

It all just feels oh so good.
And it brings me right back to the reason I started taking photographs to begin with.


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