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Nostalgia is all we need.

I'm here to capture you and your love, just the way you are.

Lets remember the split seconds. The in-betweens. The half-glances that tempt us to forget them. These tiny moments, long overlooked, scream to be collected. Lets freeze time, just as it is. All the beauty. The joy. The mess.

Whether from a minute ago or ten years past, we can visit with these moments for a lifetime.

Christine and Ken's Engagement Session in Los Angeles
Photo Journalist Wedding Photographer based in Los Angeles

Lets tell your story... 

It's perfect, after all.
Whether your wedding is in Los Angeles,
Oregon or the other side of the globe,
my camera is always ready 

Who you are ā€“ and the moments you invite in ā€“ guide the way I shoot.
Give me the opportunity to be a part of your joy. That's all it takes to create something special.