Yosemite Engagement | Olivia + Levi

so glad i’m getting a chance to share these Yosemite engagement photos with olivia and levi.
really glad they were so adventurous and wanted to drive the 7 hours to get to the valley floor at sunset. it was worth is and dang near legit. these two are some of my besties and I’m thrilled that I got to capture their joy and playfulness with one another.

check out the photos below for all the sights!

and, if anyone is looking to get married in Yosemite, I’m ready and willing to make the trek again for some more amazing photographs.

yosemite valley from tunnel viewtall oak treesyosemite engagementengaged couple in naturevalley floor of yosemite is beautifulblack and whites of couple blurryyosemite-wedding-photographer-41beautiful scenery in yosemiteyosemite-wedding-photographer-36yosemite-wedding-photographer-35004-los-angeles-wedding-photographeryosemite-wedding-photographer-32portraits of the future bride and groom002-los-angeles-wedding-photographeryosemite-wedding-photographer-23yosemite-wedding-photographer-21yosemite-wedding-photographer-22001-los-angeles-wedding-photographeryosemite-wedding-photographer-17008-los-angeles-wedding-photographeryosemite-wedding-photographer-16yosemite-wedding-photographer-15yosemite-wedding-photographer-14yosemite-wedding-photographer-12yosemite-wedding-photographer-11yosemite-wedding-photographer-8yosemite-wedding-photographer-10yosemite-wedding-photographer-7yosemite-wedding-photographer-6yosemite-wedding-photographer-4yosemite-wedding-photographer-5yosemite-wedding-photographer-3looking down on yosemite valleysunset in yosemite

UPDATE: see their wedding HERE.

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