roads; past.

a few weeks ago i had the opportunity to take my fiancé back to my hometown to visit my family and celebrate our coming wedding. while reflecting on the future and the excitement it holds i found my thoughts drifting back to the times of old when i was still a child and when everything was so new and undiscovered.

these images are a manifestation of my reflection and an attempt to capture moments of the roads that i’ve travelled.

enjoy my ‘roads; past:’

1. my dad holding me at birth
2. seat belt of my dad’s first truck that used to carry us (my dad an i) around town
3. photo of my sister and i hanging at my grandparent’s along with a collage of other photographs documenting their lives
4. piano i would spend my days trying to teach myself music while never making any progress
5. grandma in all of her smiles
6. grandpa wearing a fishing sweater – hints back to our times on the lake hunting for trout
7. basketball hoop that helped occupy my summers in elementary
8. great-grandmother’s painting that hangs above my mom’s chair where you’ll often find her reading or knitting
9. ukrainian mandolin that’s had a home in my childhood room for some time
10. ‘grace’ – hung over our family as we ate weekly family meals at my grandmother’s home – i can still taste the love she put into every meal

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