wedding photographer pricinglets be honest…you’d rather have a friend photograph your wedding…friends are honest with each other; they care about each other.
that’s why the moment you ask me about photography and photographing your wedding in particular, we become friends.

so, let’s be friends…

my dream is to tell your story from an insider’s perspective. a perspective that is only achievable when your photographer is a close friend. i’m not saying that you’ll want me to be your best man after we first meet up for a cup of tea, i’m just saying that i’m hoping that after 15 minutes of us chatting, you’ll want me to be there for your whole day…from you getting ready, to your grand exit…so that i can capture those big moments and the moments in between that collectively make up your wedding day.

so, let’s be friends.

let me document your story, in all of its uniqueness, by creating for you images that double as memories; images that will take you back and revive the emotion and the joy of your day. when you need me there, i’ll be there. with camera ready as your friend, celebrating with you, i’ll capture the true and honest moments that make up your day with a creative eye and a lens. don’t worry, i’ll do my best to get every shot and angle that you could ever ask for…i’ve got your back, because now we’re friends.

just send me an email and i’ll get you a detailed pricing list and we’ll get this friendship rollin’.