New York Wedding Photographer | On Film

I’ve had the opportunity to be a New York Wedding Photographer a few times. But in April I had the opportunity to travel to New York purely for fun with a handful of friends and my wife and it was a treat. Its nice to get to travel when its not connected to work. Its a great chance to recharge.
We for sure as hell avoided Times Square, but we braved the Top of the Rock and it was a really awesome experience, I’d definitely recommend it.

Here’s some photos I shot while exploring the city, all shot on film.

Shot with a Contax G1 on Tri-X 400 and some expired film.

Check it and enjoy.
new-york-wedding-photographer-14new-york-wedding-photographer-29new-york-wedding-photographer-1wife waiting for the subwaythe brooklyn bridgebrooklyn bridge taxithe empire state buildingskyline on expired filmthe new york city streetsnew york in springSt Marks place at duskskateboarding on the manhattan bridgenew-york-wedding-photographer-34new-york-wedding-photographer-47new-york-wedding-photographer-46brooklyn shadowsnew-york-wedding-photographer-24the UNDUMBO on tri-x 400waiting for a taxinew-york-wedding-photographer-43Chelsea on filmtaxi cab in the citystreet art photography in New Yorknew-york-wedding-photographer-3new york wedding photographershadows from the highline, NYCnew-york-wedding-photographer-31new-york-wedding-photographer-7new-york-wedding-photographer-18new-york-wedding-photographer-15new-york-wedding-photographer-37new-york-wedding-photographer-39new-york-wedding-photographer-38new-york-wedding-photographer-44new-york-wedding-photographer-45new-york-wedding-photographer-9new-york-wedding-photographer-17new-york-wedding-photographer-10new-york-wedding-photographer-12new-york-wedding-photographer-41

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