liz + christian – portraits.

a few weeks ago, i was asked by two of my excellent friends to take them out on a portrait session and capture some late afternoon strolls around a few neighborhoods. i gladly accepted and grabbed my gear and tagged along.
it makes for a better session when i get the chance to not just meet a client at a location but travel with them to and from. it makes the time more well rounded and gives me a chance as a corona wedding photographer and a lifestyle photographer to get to know my clients and have them kinda ‘warm up’ to the camera before we really start to take photos when it counts.
thanks to liz and christian for being lovely subjects. your personalities and your feelings for each other are refreshing.

if you cant tell…i think my clients are awesome :)

i’d also like to point out much appreciation to my fianc√© for acting as my assistant and catching some excellent frames as well. keep in touch people, because i’ll be giving her a blog entry to introduce herself as my ‘partner in crime’ real soon.


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