About Me

portrait of caleb john hill
– i love to capture life, to document real moments, with a creative eye and a camera. since my beginnings i’ve always had the desire to create and to capture the ideas that played out in my head and to put them on paper.
but instead of writing, i drew. rather than write the stories that i held in my head, i wanted to show these stories in all of their color. i sketched images that attempted to capture real life happening, but still i wasn’t satisfied because the pencil drawings i created still weren’t ‘real.’
so in attempt to satisfy my desires of honest and humble storytelling i turned my focus and my eyes towards real life through the lens of a camera. and though i’m still no writer, my goal is to use my photographs as a medium to tell a story that captures real life; whether it be yours or mine. whether i’m working with couples or on assignment shooting an editorial, i want to accurately capture moments that are honest and beautiful.

when working with you, i’ll approach our relationship the same way. i’ll approach it as a platform to be a writer where no words are required. real, honest, and unique images that will accurately tell the story of you, in all of your color.

how about you? how do you imagine the photos that will tell your story? get in touch, and lets get a conversation rolling.



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