Monthly Archives: June 2012

here’s a really quick preview from this past weekend’s wedding in yosemite. the scenery was beautiful, the couple was amazing, and it was a great weekend escape and a perfect change of pace for a corona wedding photographer like myself.
as i started going through the captures from this weekend, i couldn’t help but post one quick frame from the day. i’m stoked on these images, and this weekend ’twas an excellent way to make me into a yosemite wedding photographer.
tenaya and chad:

cant wait to share the rest of these with you guys.

my goal, briefly:
to find inspiration from a new source and to create for creating’s sake. to take a break from being an orange county wedding photographer and tackle a personal project that would stretch me a bit and allow for rules to be broken.
so, i turned to music for inspiration and decided to create imagery that reflected the selected song.
the results were challenging and moved me.
these are the results of ‘we are ghosts.’

click ‘play’ and scroll down..

song: ‘ghosts’ by james vincent mcmorrow.
shot with a 5d and iphone. edited with #vscofilm and #vscocam.