Monthly Archives: May 2012

its enjoyable to see a relationship grow. from start to forever.
as a corona wedding photographer, the relationships and the couple are what it is all about. every couple’s story teaches me something and moves me in some unique way. when it comes to kylie and justin, i am always reminded of what it looks like to be so taken by each other. i’ve known kylie and justin since their relationship began and knew from the start that they had something special. it was a unique kind of love they shared with each other. going into this redlands portrait session, i knew that that sort of emotion was what i needed to capture. and i think that the photos that resulted from our time together only barely scratched the surface.
thanks kylie and justin for the lovely portrait session and for making me a happy redlands portrait photographer. you’re an excellent hang out, and i’m excited to see your future.

being a corona wedding photographer, i am constantly taking photos of our clients that are celebrating with each other their love. this editorail portrait session was a different form of celebration. it stemmed from the completion of four years at university. i had the chance to tell gina’s story and got to give her some beautiful images that captured her excitement as one chapter in her life has come to an end and one is about to begin.
congratulations gina, and thanks for letting us be a part of your celebrating!
ps. a few weeks back i had given you a quick snippet of our senior portrait session with gina. here’s the rest of her story:

being a corona wedding photographer, that puts me right in the middle of all of the southern california wedding photography action.
a few weekends ago, i was given the chance to change my story a bit and become a temecula wedding photographer and document the love story of karla and hesh at the ponte winery, located right in the middle of wine country. the day was perfect, the smiles were worth a million dollars, and i cannot wait to edit through all of the images from this day in order to tell the rest of karla and hesh’s story.
its gonna be a good one.